A session on “The Next Big Thing- BlockChain”

July 15, 2018

Blockchain, the technology that underlies bitcoin – is about to become the biggest thing on the internet since the World Wide Web.It has been the talk of the town as both Bitcoin and Ethereum have risen in their value per token in the past few months.

Blockchain provides the last missing link in online transactions: a fully secure trust protocol safer than any bank or government. Created as the technology behind the internet currency, bitcoin, blockchain has applications in almost every possible online transaction, from money transfers to health information to the distribution of music. And because it is transparent, peer-to-peer, and administered by everyone who uses it, it’s all but impossible to corrupt.

Today DataSoft arranged a session regarding this sensational topic titled “Coffee Adda with Block Chain Enthusiasts” at its office premises. In this interactive session they discussed how this tech works, how it can be used and few of the participants shared their experience/s of using it. Mr. M. Manjur Mahmud, Director & COO of DataSoft has conducted the session. Mr. Al Maruf Khan ,Chairman at National Energy Services Limited, Ms. Fumiko Inada, COO of Bangladesh Team, Oceanize and many others from the industry also joined the session. Mr. Mahmood said ‘We are hoping to have more sessions on these cutting-edge technologies in coming days to discuss about the technical know-hows and work on it to keep up the pace with this fast forwarding world.”

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