Our main idea is to make banks develop reputation for both efficiency and agility and help them emerge as one of the top performing banks in the world. We experience in serving some of the largest financial service companies, our banking team helps clients gain a competitive advantage. We work closely with our bank clients to create the outcomes they are looking for and configure solutions in a way that help them achieve their objectives and a complete transformation to achieve those targets.

We are the Sales and Implementation Partner of Temenos (Switzerland), one of the top Banking Solutions. And thus keep the experience of successfully implementing Temenos T24 across many banks. Rather than pushing a single solution, we can help clients navigate the journey and configure a solution that is best for their banking model.

We have a great track record of doing what we set out to do and delivering for our clients.


Velocity Fincrime Solution Suite

Velocity offers a suite of solutions across the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) life cycle. It aids you to assess the risks you face, stay compliant with ever changing regulations, and keep one step ahead of the criminals.

Central Bank Reporting System

We have developed a complete end to end Central Bank Reporting System(CBRS). It follows ETL(Extract, Transfer, Load) to prepare database¬† for reporting. The CBRS is providing not only reports; it is giving environment to develop any report as required by the banks as the data is available in database.¬† It will also reduce load to […]


DataSoft Advisory Services

Design and pursuit right IT strategy that drives unceasing growth Internet of Things. Artificial Intelligence. Big Data. Cloud Computing. They have changed business landscape far more than any time ever. Survival in business world depends only on one thing. Quick adoption with the change. And for this technological era, implementing IT is the only choice […]

Infrastructure As A Service

Maximize ROI Faster with IaaS Services Pay as much as you use Use our storage and networking capabilities on demand and save your money and resources. We provide uninterrupted IT Infrastructure for even the most complex and demanding organizations. Our service includes advanced Data Centers, Cloud Management and all other IT Infrastructure support