Big data Analytics 

Business organization generate and store huge data from its operations. But acquiring massive data is nothing that gives an organization a competitive edge, only the proper use of those data resources as Big Data can be an ultimate leverage. And this Big data analytics are an ongoing process; it’s a journey of continuous innovation, which leads you to far ahead from your competitor’s presence.

Big data Analytics assess your competitive advantage:

  • Stimulates new questions
  • Formulating new hypotheses
  • Exploration and innovation
  • Making meaningful decisions

Functional steps of Big Data Analytics :

  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Act

Sources of Big Data:

  • Transaction details
  • Internet click stream
  • Social media activity
  • Machine generated data

Big data from various sources like:

  • Data relating to Transaction details
  • Data relating to Real-time market feeds
  • Data relating to Customer-service records
  • All Correspondence and social media posts
  • Also Existing data base of customers
  • Data extracted from the machine

We help you to analyze those crucial data before making any decision related to your business with a team of experienced and qualified team Data Scientist, we help you decode these misty for the Microfinance Institutes, Banks, insurance companies, Trade Chain (like port and customs).