DataSoft Introduced CTMS at Chittagong Port in Bangladesh to Keep up with Growing Container Traffic


Chittagong sea port the largest deep sea port in Bangladesh, dominated by trade in containerized manufactured products especially garments, jute and jute goods, leather products, fertilizers and seafood etc. was deemed as a very inefficient institution due to extreme congestion associated with manual operations.

Solutions Offered

DataSoft came forward and alongside with ST Electronics, the government of Singapore, NAVIS USA has offered a digitalized Container Terminal Management system (CTMS) for Chittagong Port Authority. The system allows for online maintenance of all operational activities including; loading and unloading of container vessels, movement of containers within the shipping yard, alongside stacking, tracking, delivery and gate control.

CTMS is a web based ASYCUDA World system for creating a paperless office and introduced other facilities like automated cargo and vessel management, auto generation of registration number, automated duty assessment according to HS code, automated tax payment through online banking for non-commercial items, and etc. ensuring better transparency, managerial efficiency and logistical accuracy and overall procedural acceleration throughout the whole port.


CTMS was introduced at a time of growth for the Bangladeshi shipping industry. A senior shipping official spoke of the countries increased import and export traffic to Financial Express, a local financial daily. It has significantly increased the capacity of Chittagong port and has helped them stand out in a globally competitive marketplace.