Empowering Rural Population With Microfin 360

Microfin360 has brought a revolution for people who take loans on a small scale. It was launched on April 25, 2008, a complete microcredit solution built for the smooth and efficient running of microcredit organizations. It is a web enabled software specially developed for the microfinance institutes, non-government organizations and cooperative societies to automate their work-flow by enhancing the access of data and proper follow up of timely and accurate information for the users ensuring compliance with set of features, hundreds of parameterized reports, management statistical dashboard and centralized operation facility. This software features integrated Management Information System (MIS), Accounting Information System (AIS) & Human Resource (HR) modules.

Microfin 360 solves the biggest problem of the beneficiaries, which is, the capability of investment in proper IT support, particularly in the rural areas. Each implied taking on the large risks of system or hardware failure, physical theft, as well as large investments in rapidly changing technology limiting the flexibility of operations. The entire infrastructure and scalability are managed by DataSoft allowing organizations to focus on their core business and not on IT. This increases the organization’s efficiency and simplifies the financial structure.

Microfin360’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design makes it easy for new users to start working right away with very little training required. This makes up for the lack of technical knowledge of individuals residing in the rural areas. Optimized for low-bandwidth connections, someone from a village can stay in his/her house and be always up to date with live information about clients, accounts, problems and opportunities, ensuring more interactive work process at low costs.

This software is designed to have a unique feature starting from field work to delivery report of the overall microcredit wings. Microfin360 facilitates the microcredit authorities a smart, hassle-free operation by bringing in a transparent and crystal clear view of their function with just one click. This actively empowers organizations in the backcountry by composing a more productive, competent and economic financial infrastructure for them. Microfin360 is now running smoot operation in different districts with a bright prospect. Currently Microfin360 is working to add to the edge of its existing horizon.


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