IoT based Automated Mushroom Cultivation Management System for Mushroom Development Institute, Government of Bangladesh, Savar

January 14, 2018

Mushroom Development Institute aims to cultivate mushroom with low cost technology and support farmers to automate mushroom cultivation system. Farmers are facing problems to control the environment and for that getting less production. High labor cost and manual data acquisition are the vital problems for mushroom farmers.

DataSoft has developed a fully automated mushroom cultivation system for mushroom farms. Now-a-days demand of mushroom is growing rapidly. Mushroom cultivation process is quite challenging because different types mushroom needs different types of environments. With the help of this system now the environment can adjust itself automatically according to the need of specific type of mushroom. It is an intelligent system which automatically adjust the vital things like temperature moisture and etc of the cultivation room.

When it is time to spray water or to provide fresh air and remove carbon-di-oxide from the cultivation room, the system will notify after taking each action. Farmers don’t need manual intervention. The system can maintain proper balance of humidity, temperature, light, carbon-di-oxide, oxygen and compost moisture for different types of mushrooms. Farmers can monitor the cultivation process from anywhere 24/7 in real-time. The project includes three-way control system:

  1. Remote manual control.
  2. Time based control.
  3. Sensor based control.

In present days mushroom cultivation process is done manually so many times the environment doesn’t suit with the mushroom type and thus it prevents the optimal growth. For this reason they face huge financial loss. With the help of our system, using sensors, it is possible to increase the growth of mushroom from spawn. Farmers don’t need to stay in their cultivation room for monitoring. They can easily monitor through mobile phone from anywhere. As everything today is going digitalized, so we have made our existing system digital too with our technology.


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