Microfin360 is a financial inclusion workflow driven Microfinance business solution which includes two modules, Management Information System (MIS) and Financial Information System (FIS). This has been developed to meet requirements of any financial institution, providing online real time synchronized financial business automation.

Microfin360 drastically reduces the organization overall cost of reporting at branch and consolidation at area, zone, region or head office level by eliminating the need of resource expenditure, like paper, printing and shipping, human resource and entertainment cost.

International Resellers

OSI, India

SILK, Kenya

Eliminate your expenditure drastically through our full ecosystem of Microfinance


Devoted to meet requirements of your organization


Save money and time through mobile apps

Drill-down and drill-through capabilities

Member Assessment and Credit Scoring

Multilayer Security

Easy configurability

Microfin360 SMS Service


For further details: https://microfin360.com