We are shocked, we are speechless, we mourn…. Our deep respect to them, who lost their lives in dreadful tragedy at Dhaka.

We are Shocked

We are Speechless

We find no words to express our deep hatred to the brutal killing in Bangladesh on Friday.

No words to condole, console or express our deep sympathy to our friends, who lost their dear ones.

We are Ashamed

We beg Apology

Although we know these heinous killers has no Religion, no Nationality. They use Islam as their weapon.

They are just killers, they are just terrorists.

But, this dreadful tragedy happened in our beloved motherland. We are Sorry, We are ashamed.

We beg apology to all the bereaved family and friends.

This is not real Bangladesh. Spirit of Bangladesh is just opposite.

We have the rich heritage & tradition of cordiality, hospitality and communal harmony.

We love people from different countries, from different religion – we always welcome them.

We will Resist

Let us Resist Together, Unitedly

We will not allow these killers and terrorist to tarnish our image of hospitality, friendliness and multi-culture harmony.

We will not allow them to stop our way to growth and development.

We will resist them in all our ways. Let us resist them globally together, unitedly.

Our deep Respect

Our deep Feelings

Our deep respect to all – who lost their lives in this horrifying tragedy. Let their departed souls rest in peace.

Deep Condolence & Sympathy to all the bereaved families and friends.

For and on behalf of


DataSoft Family, Bangladesh

Mahboob Zaman