‘Money Matters’ an ATN News Talk Show interviews the COO, M.Manjur Mahmud, about DataSoft’s recent global expansions telecasting Today at 11:30 AM

DataSoft Japan Inc. (データソフトジャパン株式会社) is probably the biggest venture that the company has undertaken so far to mark its name in the International IOT Market. 300 local IOT engineers working under 30 bridge engineers at Japan is quite the talk of the town the last few months. The first local IT company to open its branch at a foreign land. The interview was quite a proud moment for Mr Manjur explaining the prospect of the idea and why if successful will change the IT sector of Bangladesh forever.

Where the first half was an interview of dreams and ambition, the other was about absolute success. Microfin 360 and Anti Money Laundering solution Velocity is undoubtedly the most important success story of DataSoft. Being highly successful in their operations and efficiency in the local market these products have seen the light of countries like India and Nepal. There have been some fruitful presentations recently and are to be launched soon.