Velocity – AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Solutions Suite


Velocity – AML Solutions suite is a complete solution for regulatory compliance, used by financial institutions to screening, analyzing customer data and preventing terrorist financing.

It delivers highly accurate detection of suspicious activity,provides integrated case management, and a fast and effective automated suspicious transaction/activity report generation capability. System is capable on boarding KYC CDD/EDD and risk profiling.

Core functionality of the solutions is:

  1. Screening customer against various sanction lists like UNSCR, OFAC, Central bank and any customizable sanction list.
  2. Screening any type of transactional data like SWIFT, Remittance etc.
  3. Perform KYC management and onboarding CDD/EDD
  4. Capable transaction monitoring/profiling, detection of CTR/STR/SAR and review, Investigate and reporting to regulatory commission.
  5. Solution is automated workflow and workbench driven.
  6. Automated sanction list update and alert management capable.

Module of the solutions

  1. Customer screening and related report module
  2. KYC, CDD/EDD management and related report module
  3. Transaction monitor/profiling(CTR/STR/SAR) and related report module
  4. Case management module


Velocity – AML Solutions Suite : List of Leading Clients
agrani Agrani Bank Limited
Mercantile-bank Mercantile Bank Limited
SIBL-logo Social Islami Bank Ltd. (SIBL)
Meghna Meghna Bank Limited
RBC Royal Bank of Canada
Americanbank TD Bank Group
Santander Santander Bank 
LBBW Landsman Baden-Württemberg (LBBW)