Manob Mukti Songstha (MMS) Signed a Contract to Implement Microfin360

DataSoft Systems Limited has signed another contract with Manob Mukti Songstha (MMS) to implement Microfin360, one of the ground breaking products. 13 branches including the head office of Manob Mukti Songstha (MMS) will be automated under this contract. Mr. Md. Habib Ullah Bahar, Director of Manob Mukti Songstha (MMS) and Mr. Sheikh Md. Ismail, Manager MFI Practices of DataSoft signed the contract from each party on December, 29th, 2015.

Microfin360, the first Online Microfinance Solution of Bangladesh, has already been accepted widely by the local Microfinance Market.78 Microfinance Institute (MFI) having 3087 branches already signed with our product. Besides 1754 branches have completed the installation whereas 119 are under implementation and 1161 are waiting to be implemented. The unique and user friendly features of this system made it popular amongst the market.