Modern Development Organization (MDO), Sirajgonj going to Implement Microfin360

Modern Development Organization (MDO), Sirajgonj has signed a contract with DataSoft to implemet Microfin360 on 30th December, 2015. Being the 79th client of Microfin360, four Branches of Development Organization (MDO), Sirajgonj along with their Head office will be automated accordingly. Mr. Md. Masud Ahmad Rokony, Executive Director of Modern Development Organization (MDO) and Mr. Sheikh Md. Ismail, Manager MFI Practices of DataSoft signed the contract representing each party.

Microfin360, the first Online Microfinance Solution of Bangladesh, is spreading pretty fast throughut the Microfinance market of Bangladesh.The unique and user friendly features and the continuous support of our active and dynamic team are stimulating more customers to have Microfin 360.