Concentrating on the complexity, inconvenience, and challenges in port and logistics industry, we brought automation in both freight-port terminals and in land freight terminals.

Through scrutinizing the industry intensively over years and by rigorous research and development work we introduced a unique system for overall port and logistics management called Terminal Information Management System (TIMS).

Creation of a sophisticated data communication network around the project and an accurate management of freight were major challenges we encountered primarily, though we geared up well later. TIMS, a web based end-to-end integrated port automation solution offers services like-

Handling vessel and cargo movement activities in and out of the port

Real time information about freight

Managing gate operations

Overall port facilities and equipment management

Cargo and logistics information network


land port management system

LPMS is a full-fledged information management system for land ports was implemented to automate Benapole Land Port. It has dashboard driven secured login modules for various types of users; the main warehouse inventory module; the posting branch module; the Transshipment module; the assessment and billing module; a bank sub-module/plugin; a sub-module for truck entry; a […]

Terminal Management System

TIMS is a full feature Terminal Management System for sea ports. Through this system Berth operator is able to handle the container information easily and manage freight efficiently.  The whole Yard Network is to will have  Wifi technology for device accessibility where users will able to use hand-held devices for various operations from yard to […]


DataSoft Advisory Services

Design and pursuit right IT strategy that drives unceasing growth Internet of Things. Artificial Intelligence. Big Data. Cloud Computing. They have changed business landscape far more than any time ever. Survival in business world depends only on one thing. Quick adoption with the change. And for this technological era, implementing IT is the only choice […]

System Management & Implementation

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