Remittance Management Solution: Remit365

The Remit365 is a blockchain enabled web based application for remittance management. The system has been designed with following features:

  1. Dashboard Driven
  2. System User Management
  3. Transaction Management
  4. Money Transfer Operator (MTO)
  5. AML screening to keep you on the right side of anti-money laundering regulations.
  6. Fund transfer (GL account)
  7. BEFTN Outward Payment
  8. RTGS Outward Payment
  9. MFS Payment
  10. Cash Payment
  11. Cash Incentive Calculation
  12. Cash Incentive 2%
  13. Reconciliation
  14. Data Amendment and Cancel With Approval
  15. Configuration and Integration
  16. Administrative Module
  17. Robust and reliable security system.
  18. Customizable and Parameterized Reports