Managing Company’s fixed assets can be challenging to view, control and time-consuming to keep record of its lifecycle. To overcome these challenges ‘Smart Asset’ software can be an easy solution that manages and organizes your fixed assets smartly within your business.

Key Features: Some of the key features/sub-modules includes-

  • Requisition, Process, Approval Management and Allocation Management.
  • Stores record of all asset, its user, location, group, sub-group, projects, etc.
  • Generates assets tag with IoT, RFID, Barcode, and QR Code.
  • Stores information of company’s mode of operation, depreciation method and
    depreciate assets correctly.
  • Keeps record on sale, disposal/write-off­ and partial disposal on asset.
  • Calculates profit or loss on sale/ disposal of assets.
  • Logs record of assets transfer to branch/user/project, etc.
  • Keeps record of insurance coverage for any individual or group/sub-group wise assets.
  • Regulatory compliance reports.
  • Complete audit trail.