Successful Completion of Coursera Machine Learning Course by DataSoft Member Shahed Bin Satter

Shahed Bin Satter (Software Developer) of DataSoft Systems has successfully completed the Coursera Machine Learning course offered jointly by Coursera and Stanford University. Computers can carry out specific tasks when they are programmed, but Machine Learning is an interesting sector of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which allows computer systems to act by learning without the need of any explicit programming. This course is instructed by the infamous Andrew Ng, Professor of Stanford University and the founder of Coursera. The course is 11 weeks long and comprises of an array of topics. Ng dives deep into regression, classification, artificial neural networks, SVM kernels, component analysis, error analysis, cost function analysis, etc by going into the underlying implementation. The course also requires the participants to write algorithms for image recognition, optical character recognition, recommender systems among a few others. His certificate can be viewed here:

DataSoft takes this opportunity to congratulate him on his performance and wishes him the best in the future.