We Care


DataSoft Family distributed relief among 200 flood Victims

DataSoft Family distributed relief among 200 flood victim families at Saydabad Union, Sirajganj on August 27, 2016. Special thanks go to Manab Mukti Sangstha for their meticulous arrangements.


UAP CS Fest & DataSoft

University of Asia-Pacific National Collegiate Programming Contest 2016 organised by the CSE Department of the University, expressed their gratitude to DataSoft for sponsoring the event. We believe influencing young minds to realise this sector’s potential and why they should be part of it, is important.


Everest & DataSoft

The photo was taken on 20th October 2014 at Mount Kyazo Ri at a peak of 17,060 feet. Holding the DataSoft banner is a proud Mountaineer of Bangladesh, Mr. MA Mohit who was sponsored by this IT Giant of our country. DataSoft is proud to sponsor individuals like Mr Mohit who are bearing our flag to international frontiers.


CSR Initiative of DataSoft

Sun Festival- 2014
Under the Sponsorship of DataSoft Sun Festival 2014 is going to be held from 30 December, 2013 to 03 January 2014 at Remarke, Bandarban.
The events shall also Cover
Observance of First Sun Rising of 2014.
Cultural Program.
Adventure Camp.
To visualize Sky through Telescope & Others.

Initiative to Improving Traffic at Dhaka

Dhaka these days has been labeled as a city with very heavy traffic and for the commuter it is also a huge challenge to move from one zone to the other.

Therefore, DataSoft has decided to spend its effort to come up with a solution for this problem. We propose that when riding, no one should turn left or right instead they should take U turn. Thus no one have to stick on traffic. In this way we can save lots of time. We already implement it on Kachpur Bridge from April 2011. The activity has been appreciated by industry leaders like BUET, Bangladesh Scouts and well covered by media like ETV and Daily Ittefaq. See the video YouTube:






Green Initiative

At DataSoft green is about exploring possibility to save energy and finding a better way to be emission efficient.

We make a conscious effort to make greener choices, but when choosing technology, we don’t want to compromise on cost, performance or reliability. At DataSoft, we believe you shouldn’t have to. That’s why we strive to ensure that people and companies don’t have to make trade-offs to be green.

We make the better way a reality by delivering practical products and services that make an impact on real environmental issues, because at the heart of green is the powerful idea that better ways are possible. Better ways to use time, money and resources. Better ways to live, work and succeed in our world.

At the core, we make sure our suppliers, vendors and internal service providers understand the value of saving energy.

Moreover, to make our society less polluted, we try to use CNG instead of Petrol when running the generator at our office. And also we make sure  all the vehicle run at DataSoft are CNG converted and thus our environment remains clean and at the same time we reduce our cost as many as 80 %.

Donating Clothes

As a Part of our CSR activity, every year we donate winter clothes to the poorer section of people in the countries. We do the initial need assessment through the media/ press so that we can understand where most of the worm cloth is needed. Thus, we choose the right NGO/ Channel to distribute cloths, which has been collected through generous employee contributes.