DataSoft Introduce IIoT First Time Ever in Bangladesh
DataSoft introduces Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) first time ever in Bangladesh with Viyellatex group. This is the beginning of a new working segment in Bangladesh where we found a whole lot business opportunities.
Industrial IoT (IIoT)
Datasoft also introduces LoRa into IIoT solution in Bangladesh

LoRa is a low-power wide-area network technology that solves a long standing problem of long range low power data transmission. It completely changes the scenario of device to device(D2D) communication at a staggering range which is ideal for solving logistics related problems such as fleet management, asset  tracking. Its long range comes in handy in remote sensing of environmental parameters and animal tracking. LoRa has made its mark in IIoT for solving process control and predictive maintenance problem of the machineries. Datasoft is also planning to introduce LoRa in smart metering and smart grid management.

Factory in IR 4.0 era

We are capable of innovating almost in every aspects of a Smart Factory

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Lab Monitoring & Management Solution 

We make sure lab assets are being utilized properly and notify authorities about unutilized and misused resources and help them to take countermeasures through various notification and reports to make sure proper utilization of labs.

Digital Box

This system will be used to monitor air quality and environment condition in remote areas and farms. Increase of poisonous gases from animal waste and other sources can be very harmful for the people and farmers. This system can detect these gases which can be monitored via a web application. It can run in battery in case of power failure and battery powered GSM router is used for internet which makes the solution very compatible for remote areas.

Battery Health Monitor

Currently we are working with Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd. Anyone can check their car’s battery health remotely through mobile app in real-time. There are also protection of short-circuit and reverse connection.

BLE Based Asset Tracking

 This solution allows the assets to be monitored globally without having a stand-by person to continuously roam about the perimeter, thus resulting in reduction in manpower and continuous monitoring in real time.

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