DataSoft Virtual Reality

A dedicated development wing completely focusing on Virtual Reality based solutions. We are evolving with the dynamic shift with the VR technology to provide innovative and immersive content. Constant tinkering with VR development and rapid prototyping are just parts of our daily work.

  • In house Virtual Reality Laboratory for R&D, equipped with all major VR and AR platform and equipment set up.
  • Unity 3d & VR ready experienced development team
  • 3d Graphics design and animation team

With the expertise to work with all major VR Platform like: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Android VR, our team can certainly up for any kind of VR challenge.

Cricket Simulation Game

DataSoft Virtual Reality Cricket Simulation creates an immersive experience of real batting experience. This project have 2 key aspects;

  1. Simulation aspect: Realistic simulation to improve batting practice. Catered towards athletes and for performance improvements. Player faces simulated bowling from the realistic balling data. And all batting data also being captured for future and further analysis, form and player batting skill improvement. Controlled by easy to update Database with balling variance data and option to capture batsman’s movement & strokes data.
  2. Gaming aspect: A gamified version of this project creates an engaging gameplay for users. Player can feel the rush the competitive game of cricket in VR environment. What’s sets apart our game from other virtual reality cricket game in the market is; variation of bowling (both fast and spin), hepatic feedback, unique single run mechanism and competitive score.