Internet of Things

DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited, a CMMI-5 accredited, premier domestic technology firm with decades of industry-leading experience and global reach, along with its subsidiary DataSoft Japan Inc. and its DataSoft IoT Lab, is collaborating with The STEPs Institute of Transformative Technologies to bring to market a high-end resource development program on the Internet of Things (IoT).

This program will develop our IT industry’s human resources on IoT, a rapidly growing and revolutionary new sub-industry of the technology sector. At its core, the program will address the scarcity of such programs locally in a highly targeted manner by:

  • Developing human resources in the highest potential IT sub-sector (IoT is a USD 11 trillion opportunity, 40% of which is expected to be generated by developing economies);
  • Recruiting and equipping the brightest, most promising minds currently working in the IT sector;
  • Connecting participants with highly qualified, globally recognized IoT trainers comprising of both academics and industry practitioners;
  • Providing access to a state-of-the-art IoT lab and the requisite tools for the first time in Bangladesh;
  • Adopting a prominent focus on real-world problems in a highly structured resource development curriculum by allocating a large portion of resource development hours to labs and requiring trainees to collaboratively deliver an IoT system with a practical market application; and
  • Empowering participants by developing their language, soft skills and ability to work as a team.
  • Directly place successful candidates at DataSoft and contribute to national revenue and export earnings through their employment in high value projects.
  • Create market linkage and new job facilities in global market.

The IoT training program will start on November 1st, 2016. 4 programs of 7 batches, totaling 2,800+ hours, The IoT training program will be offered over 16 months to develop 300 skilled resources in IoT & ancillary skills.Dr. Michael S. Wang of University of Columbia, USA has taken the charge in designing and leading the training program, an electrical engineering Ph.D. with a passion for technology entrepreneurship, current areas of work are focused on the internet-of-things (IoT), teaching and design.

DataSoft in collaboration with The STEPs Institute of Transformative Technologies expect to absorb 70% of all graduates i.e. trainees who successfully complete, 10% with international partners from The IoT Army of 300 resource development program and another 5% of graduates is expected to be placed to DataSoft Japan depending on the circumstances and the nature/tenure of their roles.

DataSoft Bangladesh has setup an office in Tokyo, Japan in April, 2016 and has already started communicating with large Japanese companies like Toshiba, Sony, NEC, Hitachi etc on IoT opportunities. To start with, our focus is mainly on IoT solutions in healthcare, water & sanitation and urban developments.