DataSoft & NEC jointly held First ever Proof of Concept of NFC Based E-money Solution in Bangladesh

DataSoft Bangladesh in association with NEC Japan has successfully organized the first ever “Proof of Concept of NFC based E-money Solution” in Bangladesh at the city’s popular coffee shop, Crimson Cup, Dhanmondi. Through this system, the customers will be able to purchase coffee or other goods just by touching their NFC enabled payment card. No Need for swiping magnetic strip or input of PIN is required. It will make transactions faster and less complicated for both the merchants and consumers. Higher officials from NEC, Japan & DataSoft (more…)




Implementing MIS System at Stromme Foundation

DataSoft has successfully implemented MIS system at Stromme Foundation (Norwegian Development Organisation). Chief Operating Officer of DataSoft congratulated all the team members on the successful completion of the project. DataSoft flexibly provides cutting edge solutions that enable clients to significantly improve customer experience, one of the most effective ways for driving profitability.